Shooter of Calves in Pike County Wanted

August 14, 2017
Deputies in Pike County investigate another case where cows have been killed. Investigators say two calves were killed Saturday night (August 12) with high powered rifles. One of the calves was field dressed, while the other was not. It is believed that nearby residents riding on ATVs to investigate the sound of the gunshots may have frightened off the suspects and prevented them from stealing the meat from the second calf. The cattle owner is offering a 500-dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible for the shooting.



Five Separate Grants to Help Hazard

August 9, 2017
Congressman Hal Rogers was in Hazard yesterday (August 8) where he announced that 5-million dollars in grants are headed to that part of the commonwealth. The money comes from 5 separate grants aimed at helping to create jobs and shore up economic development. A portion of the funds will go to the South Fork Elk View to develop a waterline and campground. Also, Hyden Community and Technical College will receive some of the money to help with training programs.



Perry County Schools Closed August 21 for Solar Eclipse

August 9, 2017
Perry County Schools have added their name to the growing list of Kentucky school discticts that plan to close down on Monday, August 21, because of the total solar eclipse. The concern is that the eclipse with happen right around the time that students are ending their school day. With so many people expected to be out and about, traveling and even stopping on the sides of roads throughout the region to catch a glimpse of the sun being blocked by the moon, many schools are concerned about safety, and are canceling classes for the day.



Shortage of Teachers in Some Kentucky Districts

August 9, 2017
Many schools do not have all the teachers they need. School officials in Harlan say that with so many coal jobs gone, teachers move out of the area as their spouses look for work elsewhere. Our district says that they have managed to hire just what they need, but not all districts have had success. Also, approximately 15-thousand teachers state-wide are currently eligible to retire.



Prestonburg Woman Arrested on Drug Charges

August 9, 2017
A woman was arrested on drug charges after Kentucky State Police in Prestonburg responded to a report of a toddler left alone in a car at a gas station. Samantha Skeens admitted to investigators that she had taken prescribed Suboxone two hours before the police responded. The troopers found needles and a container of clean urine in the car where the 3-year-old had been left alone.